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FAQ about gifts made of carbon fiber

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Carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in different fields, such as aviation industry, industrial manufacturing, automobile production, medical equipment, rail transit. Carbon fiber composite has a great number of advantages, such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding effect, etc. But many people are not very familiar with carbon fiber products. Today, I will answer some common questions about gifts made of carbon fiber:


1. Is there a uniform standard for the performance of gifts made of carbon fiber?

    The performance of specific carbon fiber precursor is fixed, such as TORAY's carbon fiber precursor, T300 and T700, and their parameters can be verified. But there is no uniform standard to measure most of carbon fiber composite products, so how to ensure whether the products are qualified? We can learn about the supplier's system certification and patent certificate or product test report. Lscabrongift has more than 30 patent certificates, which are also certified by ISO and SGS systems.

2. What do you mean by 3K carbon fiber cloth?

Woven cloth is usually said to be 1K, 3k, 12K carbon cloth. 1K refers to 1000 carbon fibers, which are woven together. This has nothing to do with the carbon fiber material. It's just that the appearance of carbon fiber products is different. These two carbon fiber wallets are made of different woven fabrics: 3K and 12K.

3. Are carbon fiber composite products very expensive?

The price of carbon fiber composite products is closely related to the price of raw materials, the level of technology and the quantity of products. The production process of some products pays great attention to environmental protection. But when a certain carbon fiber product can be mass produced, the larger the order quantity is, the lower the cost allocated to each product will be. For more information, you can browse the article why carbon fiber products are so expensive

4. Why do carbon fiber composite products need drawing / sample customization and die sinking?

Most of the carbon fiber composite products are used in the way of parts to replace the traditional metal materials. Therefore, it must be customized according to the detailed drawings or real samples provided by customers.

Not all carbon fiber products need to be moulded. Some products have complex design and high performance requirements. And there is a large demand for products. In this case, the die sinking is needed. Moreover, the production processes of carbon fiber composite products are different, such as molding, vacuum autoclave, etc, Whether the die sinking is needed or not shall be judged according to the product drawing. Generally, the product cycle of  mold customization is relatively long, and the specific time length needs to be determined according to the complexity of the product. You can distinguish them by the following three clips & Wallet

5. Are carbon fiber composite products toxic?

 Carbon fiber composite is made of carbon fiber precursor mixed with ceramic, resin, metal and other matrix, which is generally non-toxic. For example, PEEK material is used with food-grade resin, which has good compatibility with the human body. It is not only harmless to the human body, but also becomes an ideal material for orthopedic surgery because of its strength and elastic modulus close to the cortex. Carbon fiber medical bed board will contact with many patients every day, and will not have adverse effects on the human body. On the contrary, it is very helpful for the accuracy of medical diagnosis.

6. Are carbon fiber composite products all black with woven lines?

   The color and grain of carbon fiber composite products can be customized. The direction of the pattern is determined by the early layer design. The default initial color is black. Of course, the color can also be changed by the later coating. Moreover, you can print your own pattern or logo on carbon fiber products. These three carbon fiber wallets are woven with embedded wire to make different colors.

7. Are carbon fiber composite products flammable?

  The carbon fiber itself can withstand the high temperature of thousands of degrees centigrade, and is not flammable, which is mainly caused by the resin matrix. In order to make the carbon fiber composite have application safety, we can add a certain amount of flame retardant in the carbon fiber composite to become flame retardant carbon fiber composite products.

8. Is the customization cycle of carbon fiber composite products very long?

  The customization cycle of carbon fiber composite products is determined by the production difficulty, production process and work efficiency of the manufacturer. For detailed reasons, you can read the article why carbon fiber products have a long delivery period.

9. What's the difference between plain weave and twill weave?

   Plain weave carbon looks symmetrical and it has a small chessboard look. In this kind of weaving, the mode of above / below the tow is weaving. Because of its high stability, plain weave is not suitable for laminations with complex profiles, and it will not be as flexible as some other weaves. In general, plain fabrics are suitable for the appearance of flat, tubular and 2D curved structures.

  Twill weave

  Twill is a kind of weaving between plain weave and satin weave, Twill fabric has good flexibility, can be shaped into complex contour, and it is better than satin weave in maintaining fabric stability, but not as plain weave.

10. How to distinguish semi carbon from total carbon?

  At present, there are a lot of carbon fiber products on the market. What bothers many friends is how to distinguish the true and the false of carbon fiber. It's really hard for novices to distinguish semi carbon from total carbon. There are also many unscrupulous businesses that sell semi carbon as total carbon to cheat novices. We can look at the side stack of the product, and scratch it with your hand to find that the white layer is semi carbon, and the total carbon  does not have white layer. For more information, you can read the article how to distinguish the true and false of carbon fiber.


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