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How to Choose the suited Wallet

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      They say clothes maketh the man, well you gotta pay for the freakin things first, that means pulling out your wallet. when you do, you’re making a statement. Handcrafting the best carbon fiber wallets for men is what we do. We use imported carbon fiber leather of the wallet with loads of character to produce some of the best men’s wallets available,Every mans leather wallet has a story to tell,

      Choosing a wallet is a personal experience and an opportunity to express your personality and indulge in your taste. They can also say a lot about you, so why not stand out from the crowd? Combine style and practicality and take a look at our guide on how to choose the suited Wallet!

How Many Cards Your Wallet Needs to Carry?

You may have many cards, change, and coins,lscarbongift's wallets often look neater than a bulky wallet so try to keep the cards you need daily and keep the others in a safe place for when required. You’ll now need to choose a wallet with enough slots, and if like many, you use your bank card for most transactions you may decide you no longer need a designated coin pouch on your wallet.


Choose a Style of Wallet to Suit You?

Once you’ve decided how many compartments you new wallet will need, and made sure that the product is made of high-quality carbon fiber, you can now choose a style of wallet to suit you.

Our leather wallets have 3K carbon fiber and 12K carbon fiber surface styles, and also have clip-like styles. The surface is hard carbon fiber or contains some metal accessories, most of which are carbon fiber black. We can also customize each according to your preferences. Various color surfaces are available for you to choose if you need.

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Choose a Block RFID of Wallet ?

In the era of developed information and timely, to prevent your card information from being stolen and swiped, in order to ensure the security of your wallet, we recommend that you choose a wallet that can shield RFID. Since the natural carbon fiber material has the function of shielding RFID, you choose our carbon fiber Wallet, so you can rest assured.

Choose a wallet that can be used for a long time?

We must prevent the sweat produced by the body from damaging the wallet, especially in the hot summer. The corrosion resistance of the carbon fiber wallet can help your wallet avoid the damage of sweat and allow your wallet to have a longer lifespan, thereby saving you Overhead on the wallet.


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