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How to distinguish true and false carbon fiber?

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Method 1. Distinguishing from appearance and hand feeling:

Fake carbon fiber products usually use watercolor printing or stickers to forge the grain of carbon fiber, but it can not achieve the touch of carbon fiber. The appearance of the product is mostly made of "twill" carbon fiber cloth and resin glue. The texture of the product has obvious layer sense and 3D effect. The surface of the product is smooth when you touch it by hand, while the sticker imitating the carbon fiber pattern does not have much layer sense. Even if there is, it does not have the smooth touch of the real carbon fiber.

Even the real carbon fiber has advantages and disadvantages. It can be judged from the uniformity of lines and appearance brightness, and the uniformity of edge and corner gloss can be preliminarily judged.


Method 2. Weight discrimination:

      In terms of weight, there is a kind of high carbon fiber, at best, it is only made of glass fiber as the basic material, and then covered with a surface film of carbon fiber pattern. Some are sprayed in black directly. But this "carbon fiber" imitation of glass fiber will weigh more than real carbon fiber.

     For example, the following three key chains are the same style, but the materials are different:

Method 3. Surface identification by blade scraping:

         Scraping with a blade: real carbon fiber products will not be scratched the carbon fiber itself. Because there is a layer of paint on the surface, scratches just will appear. If UV surface paint is used, the hardness is strong, and no trace will be scratched. A layer of stickers on the surface of fake carbon fiber products can be scratched with a blade. For example, the real carbon fiber clamp below can not be destroyed, and it can be only scratched at most.

Method 4. Distinguishing by fire:

      Due to the high temperature resistance of carbon fiber, the carbon fiber raw wire can not be burned out. Here we take the common carbon fiber wallet and bag materials as an example:

The left side is made of fake carbon fiber bag materials. There is only a burning smell when burning. There is nothing left after burning. The right side is made of real carbon fiber materials. There will be carbon fiber filaments left after burning all the time, which will not be burned out.


Method 5. Looking at the interior of the material when it is disassembled:

           If you look at the interior of the material, there is a very difficult way to distinguish the forgery on the market. The middle part is the carbon fiber sandwiched with glass fiber. It can only be seen from the section that there are interlayers, and it is difficult to distinguish from the general method that only the section can be seen.

Method 6. Distinguishing with 40% - 50% hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid

Carbon fiber material has a strong ability of acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Carbon fiber is a kind of microcrystalline structure similar to graphite crystal formed by graphitization at 2000-3000 ℃, which has high medium corrosion resistance. In hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid up to 50%, it can also keep unchanged in modulus of elasticity, strength and diameter.


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