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Why choose carbon fiber gift

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Gift is an indispensable medium for interpersonal communication, friendship transmission and emotion expression. People give gifts to each other, which is an indispensable part of human social life. Many companies will also give some gifts to customers to achieve the purpose of promotion or brand promotion.

With the continuous development of society, the gift customization manufacturing industry is very competitive in the market. Many companies are facing the homogenization of gifts, lack of novelty, and do not know what to do with gifts? Therefore, the unique gift has become the first choice for most customers. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, high-end has become the second choice for people. Today, the editor in chief of lscarboncift uses the advantages of carbon fiber to explain why to choose carbon fiber gifts.

Carbon fiber, the king of new materials, has the reputation of "black gold". Because of its excellent material performance and flexible designability, it is now more and more sought after by designers.

1.The weight of carbon fiber is light, the weight of carbon fiber is 1 / 3 of that of aluminum, and the strength of carbon fiber is 8 times of that of steel. Compared with some metal products, carbon fiber is lighter and stronger. For example, mountaineering sticks usually use alloy materials with heavy weight and long use time, and hands will be acid, while those made of carbon fiber will be 1 / 3 lighter than those made of alloy materials for a long time. Some glass made ashtrays are often cumbersome and hard to move, while carbon fiber made ashtrays are not only light in weight and high in strength, but not easy to break.

2. Unique black pattern, showing luxury. At present, most of the gifts in the market are too similar, with the same style and nothing new. Most people choose business gift customization that is too standard, such as: pen, notebook, etc., which is considered to be a very appropriate decision. In fact, this is also true, but such business gifts are too popular to make people shine. The unique black grain and luxurious appearance of carbon fiber can attract people's eyes and make them bright. For example, the unique appearance of this carbon fiber business card compared with ordinary business cards can attract more attention, while too popular business cards tend to be buried in the business card pile.

3. RFID isolation, identity recognition is particularly important in RFID system, and the eavesdropper, the schemer will tamper with the data of the stolen tag and the reader writer, reset the RFID tag, achieve the purpose of forgery and gain benefits. Cause the receiver to receive false information, resulting in loss. The carbon fiber has the function of RIFD isolation, and the wallet made of carbon fiber is safer, thinner and lighter than the traditional leather wallet.

4. Carbon fiber products are durable. Carbon fiber products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness and stability. For example, carbon fiber poker, carbon fiber poker can be folded close to 90 degrees can also be restored to the original instantly, while the traditional paper poker is illegally restored. The edge of playing card will wear when it is used for a long time, but the carbon fiber playing card is very durable and wear-resistant. If you find carbon fiber playing cards dirty, you can wash them.

5. Now there are many metal and carbon fiber combination gifts, with metal texture and carbon fiber advantages. For example, this clamp has two carbon plates on the surface and aluminum alloy on the internal part. This clip is not only light in weight, but also has the function of RFID isolation. It's hard to find small hair in the muzzle, so it's a good gift.

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