Car carbon fiber modification to enhance the "appearance performance" of the vehicle

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Carbon fiber combines the two major characteristics of carbon material with strong tensile strength and fiber softness and processability. It is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. It is precisely because carbon fiber has good ductility and its own functional characteristics for vehicle modification. It is more practical.

The complete modification kit includes the front air intake, the vent on the front fender, the rear mirror cover, and the hood, etc., with side skirts, front bumper, front canard and diffuser group, rear bumper, rear diffuser, Rear wing , large fender kit, hood cover and trunk cover, etc.

Carbon fiber is light and beautiful, but the price of modified carbon fiber is not cheap. If you like carbon fiber and want some carbon fiber parts on your car, then we can add some carbon fiber accessories. We can recommend you the following simple and convenient carbon fiber accessories:

1.Carbon fiber car Peugeot, including steering wheel, front and rear


2. The car anti-collision strip protects you from embarrassing scenes when you open the door and encounter obstacles


3. Carbon fiber sticker on car glass or door:


4. The car club can also affix a dedicated member logo:


5. Front and rear carbon fiber license plate frame

Real carbon fiber license plate frame (3).jpg

6. Left and right carbon fiber rearview mirror


7. Personal supplies in the car:


In this way, from the car to the parking space, it is full of carbon fiber vision. Through the entire car's carbon fiber accessories, the "appearance performance" of the car is improved without emptying your pockets. Are you interested?


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