Carbon fiber products in your life

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Carbon fiber is widely used in aviation and racing cars because of its high strength and light weight, but its high price and production cost are only common in high-performance cars.In fact, many things in our lives can also be made from carbon fiber.


While carbon fiber costs a lot and is mostly used only in areas that require high strength and light weight, there are some exceptional cases where carbon fiber looks very high-end due to its distinctive texture, hence the following imaginative carbon fiber items.


Photo: Carbon fiber toilet board.

earphone Case (2).jpg

Photo: The carbon fiber case makes your headphones even more stylish.

photobank (1).jpg

Photo: This mask is made of carbon fiber with unique shape.

cigar case (6).jpg

Photo: Isn't a cigar box made of forged carbon fiber fancy?

carbon fiber wine rack (1).jpg

Photo: Perfect wine storage by using the lever.


Photo: The white Soldier's mask is sure to drive Star Wars fans crazy.


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