Have you ever seen such a thin "ghost" wallet?

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Overview: LS036 meets all the qualities a wallet should have. In addition to putting 4-13 unequal bank cards and ensuring safety, it can also put a little US dollar cash, which is very convenient and practical.

If you are a "must-have bag star person" for going out, the size and size of your wallet are irrelevant. It is the most important thing to be able to pack money and cards, and to have a good appearance. But if you don't have the habit of backpacking, choose your wallet carefully. It can't be too big, or it can't be put in the pocket; but it can't be too small, or it can't be put in the paper money, change, bank card and so on. If you happen to be the second type, congratulations. This lscrbongifts ultra thin ghost wallet is perfect for you. In fact, it's not too much to call it ghost wallet. Compared with the traditional wallet, the size of this one is not much different from that of ghost wallet.

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LS036 wallet case is made of carbon fiber which is durable and can effectively guarantee the safety of bank card. The size is only one circle larger than the ordinary bank card, and the maximum thickness (full of 12 cards) is not more than 12.5mm. It's small enough. Let's see the weight. This wallet weighs only 8g. Despite his small size, LS036 wallet meets all the requirements of a wallet. First, you can put your bank card and make sure it's safe. Can put 1-12 different bank cards. With the special buckle design, the bank card will never run out by itself. At the same time, you can also match the amount of cash and cards as needed. And it's super convenient to use. Er, but don't clip too much. Be careful to be stared at by people with ulterior motives. If you dislike the bulky and burden of the current wallet, try this super small "ghost" .



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