Is it possible to kill the virus through no touch keychain?

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Especially during the days of the COVID-19 global pandemic .Do you need a tool that means no part of your body ever comes into contact with potential viral hotbeds like the handle of a sink in a public restroom, the door latch of that taxi or Uber, or the keypad at the gas pump as you fill up the car you depend on for your essential job.

We researched a number of elegantly simple devices that serve as an extension of your finger and create a barrier between you and all sorts surfaces that would be otherwise unavoidable in the course of everyday life, not that life these days is anything like the everyday we all knew before the coronavirus outbreak.

LS Carbongift- carbon fiber no touch keychain can help you.It compared to metal no touch keychains, not only prevents us from direct contact but also It's can storage disinfectant and killing viruses; why?

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Because this no touch keychain is made of 100% carbon fiber material, it has adsorption of disinfectant liquid effect. Spraying disinfectant liquid on the side of the keychain or let it in the disinfectant liquid for a few minutes before use. Then the disinfectant liquid will be adsorbed to the keychain surface and kept for several hours until the disinfectant liquid is completely volatilized. So it has a sterilizing effect and helps you avoid touch covid-19 when you used keychain open the door. It's more healthy for you.

Meanwhile open the bottles is the other function of this keychain. It's only 4g and made of carbon fiber. small and portable,  3-5 times stronger than ordinary metal. And don't worry about its durability. Sincerely to hope that can help you avoid the covid-19, and we hope covid-19 will leave our life as soon as possible. Wishing good health to everyone.

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