New key tag & dog tag | made of “black gold” carbon fiber

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The key tag can be said to be the most familiar thing in our lives. But there seems to be nothing new about the key tag. After all, ordinary key tags are made of metal or plastic, and advanced ones are made of copper oalloy. It will fade or damage r titanium after a period of time. Do you know the key tag & dog tag made of black gold carbon fiber ? Maybe someone wants to ask why it is different from ordinary key tag ?

    key tag & dog tag made of 100% carbon fiber

Dog tags allow you to go home safely when separated from your pet. Most of the metal or copper dog tags on the market now weigh dozens of grams, which may be a kind of trouble for young pets and bring them uncomfortable experience. Then you can consider this key tag & dog tag& pet tag made of 100% carbon fiber. It weighs only 6g, but it's more durable and stronger than metal, and you don't need to worry about rusting after using it for a long time. Unique black texture makes it easier to find. Of course, you can also use it as a key ring, which is also a good choice.

key tag.jpg

    key tag&dog tag made pf metal and carbon fiber

If you think pure carbon fiber or metal is a bit monotonous, this "black and white" key tag &dog tag &pet tag may be more suitable for you. Simple design, made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. There are not only the "blck luxury" of carboan fiber, but also the simplicity of metal, and the performance of classic and fashion is incisively and vividly. You can also express your logo in the form of screen printing, color pouring and metal inlay.

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    3D solid key tag&dog tag

Well, if you are an art maniac and feel that the flat key chain lacks taste, I recommend this 3D key tag &dog tag &pet tag. In the same way, we use carbon fiber and metal to produce the parts you need, through special technology, to present 3D effect, to meet your unique artistic pursuit, and also a symbol of identity.

dog tag .jpg

    Customized key tags & dog tags

These three practical and fashionable carbon fiber key tags &dog tags &pet tags, not only have more texture and durability than ordinary key tags & dog tags, but also reflect a person's high taste. If you want to have a key tag & dog tag with practical and ornamental value, tell me your idea and customize it according to your requirements.

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