The Taycan Turbo special edition is made of carbon fiber

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        Recently, according to Taycan Turbo, the original factory customization department of porsche Exclusive Manufaktur created a SportDesign Package Carbon (original factory designed Carbon fiber Package).

        Due to its very beautiful and fashionable appearance and the environmentally friendly zero emission of electric cars, Taycan has been recognized by car fans and media as soon as it was launched.Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur's original customisation department has also taken note of the trend and has been rolling out more attractive versions of the original.Recently, they created SportDesign Package Carbon based on Taycan Turbo.

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        First, at first glance, the car's blue exterior looks pretty creative, perfect for an electric car.Add some carbon-fiber aerodynamics tweaks, including a spoiler on the front and rear bumpers and a new side skirt, and the overall look is sportier without compromising style.

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        Like other Taycan made by Exclusive Manufaktur's original factory customization department, this new car is equipped with a pair of dynamic lighting system enhanced LED matrix headlights, which now presents 3d graphics after improvement.In addition, a set of 21-inch Exclusive Design wheels was added, and the aerodynamic rims were painted in the same color as the body blue and made of carbon fiber materials by forging and grinding process.

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        In the interior, carbon fiber materials have also been widely used, although porsche officials did not disclose all the details, only said that Taycan Turbo can install a matte carbon fiber decorative light threshold lamp pedal.In addition, it is certain that there will be several other carbon fiber trim.

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        On the power side, there is not much news. If anything, the new car will be equipped with the same power configuration as Taycan Turbo, with a maximum power of 500kW and peak torque of 850Nm.


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