The 4 Best Carbon Fiber Card Holder Wallets

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     Carbon fiber appears more and more in everyone's lives; in ordinary people's lives, the most commonly used carbon fiber is the card holder wallet;

     Because it can block RFID without any processing, it is lighter in weight than leather and metal.

     In the hot summer, you can't feel its presence in the front pocket at all. It has good corrosion resistance and you don't have to worry about being corroded by sweat, which not's as bad as leather.

    The unique black texture, called "black gold", is very suitable for men or business people, and the styles of carbon fiber credit card holders are very simple.

     Here are some of the best 4 carbon fiber card holder wallets we sell, which are very popular in the market.


NO1. Carbon Fiber Wallet For LB002A/B/C

LB002A (9).jpg

NO2. Carbon Fiber Cash Strap Wallet :LB012A/B/C

Forged Carbon fiber wallet (2).jpg

NO3. Automatic Pop-up Carbon Fiber Card Holder: LB017A/B/C


NO4.Carbon Fiber Money Clip: LM22/28/38

money clip (1).jpg



Key Features:

  1.  Made Of 100% Carbon Fiber,Optional multiple texture surface configurations;

  2.  Holds up to 8-15 cards and Resilient money clip bands holds up 5-10 paper money;

  3.  1/2 lighter than aluminum,5x strong than steel;

  4. Long-term RFID protection and Keep the original shape;

  5. Advanced configuration can choose to automatically pop up the credit card holder.

  6.  All with luxurious gift boxes, accept brand-customized gifts.


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