The connection between automobile and carbon fiber

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        As a loyal fan of refitted cars, we know that it's not difficult to improve the power of a car, and it's relatively simple to optimize the handling performance. But if you want to reduce the weight of a disassembled car with only mechanical structure, it is not only complicated but also expensive. The complex points and expenses are mainly reflected in carbon fiber products. 

        As the top product of the material industry, carbon fiber is known to be very light and expensive. What advantages does the competitive car bring to the car?


High intensity that can't be broken at hundreds of kilometers per hour

        In F1 cars, carbon fiber is everywhere we can see, including steering wheel, aerodynamics kit, suspension link and single shell (F1 cabin) to ensure the life safety of drivers. These carbon fiber products help F1 car meet the requirements of lightweight. Its quality is only one-fifth of that of steel products. The key point is that carbon fiber products are not only light in weight, but also stronger than steel.

        In F1, when the car is hit at a speed of more than 200km / h, the vehicle may rush to the wall, or flip in the air and hit the ground, or collide with other vehicles. The cockpit of a racing car can still be intact without breaking, so as to ensure the safety of the driver's life. In the C-NCAP collision test of civil vehicles, the test vehicles are tested at the speed of 50km / h, and there are still many vehicles with different levels of safety problems. While the F1 car collides at a speed of more than 200km / h, it can also reach such a standard, and it can see the gap between ordinary metal and carbon fiber products.


Improvement of handling and service life

        In addition to F1 racing cars, more and more supercars, especially the British supercars led by McLaren, have also begun to use a large number of carbon fiber composite bodies in order to ensure the safety performance of the vehicle at the same time of lightweight. In fact, the application of carbon fiber also improves the performance of vehicles in more aspects. For example, in terms of sportiness, lighter weight can perform better no matter when the vehicle is speeding up, braking, or cornering. Moreover, due to the high strength of carbon fiber composite products, it can achieve better transmission efficiency when applied to the half shaft and transmission shaft. This design has also been applied to Giulia and Stelvio of Alfa Romeo. The actual driving can really feel the faster transmission speed. In addition, carbon fiber is different from metal and has the characteristics of fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. The carbon fiber components of the vehicle have a longer life under normal use.


Exclusive pattern, identity symbol

        Because of the outstanding performance of carbon fiber products, and different from the price of mass products, carbon fiber has naturally become the "black gold" in the hearts of car fans. It has also aroused the popularity of people's trends. Those who can use carbon fiber on the car use carbon fiber. Even if they don't have money, they need to stick a fake carbon fiber sticker.

More and more carbon fiber products have changed from practical ones to decorative ones, such as the logo of Aston Martin D11 and the interior panel of the vehicle. After all, for male car owners, the material of carbon fiber is like the bag of donkey brand. Owning it is worth showing off and sharing.

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