The N applications of carbon fiber tubes

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     Carbon fiber tube is one of the most widely used carbon fiber basic products and one of the most important application forms of carbon fiber composite materials. Similar to other applications, carbon fiber tube is also a lightweight material favored in many fields due to its "light and strong" performance advantage. The current market demand and potential application areas of carbon fiber pipes are as follows:

1.Carbon fiber tube used in sports and leisure

      A carbon fiber tube was first applied to golf clubs and fishing rods in the field of sports and leisure. This is also one of the earliest consumption channels to promote the development of carbon fiber. As many as ten years ago, the consumption of carbon fiber on golf clubs accounted for one-tenth of the world's consumption. In recent years, sports products such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, hockey sticks, bicycles, and sports gear have also been used. Carbon fiber materials are increasingly used.

     The net weight of a golf club made of carbon fiber tube is only about 50g, while the steel shaft of the same specification weighs more than 120g. The carbon fiber tube reduces weight while giving the club better elasticity and toughness, and it has less vibration, better balance during exercise, and brings more comfort to users. Another example is the bicycle made of carbon fiber tube, which is beautiful in appearance and has a modern sense of technology, especially it's lightweight and good bearing capacity. It is suitable for outdoor sports and is popular among outdoor riders.

     The carbon fiber tube in this kind of supplies can effectively optimize the user's experience, and the lighter weight material can reduce the user's physical exertion and increase the pleasure of exercise. Stronger materials can also reduce the possibility of bending and deformation of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. The application technology of carbon fiber in the field of sports and leisure is relatively mature, so the demand for carbon fiber in this field shows a steady growth trend.

2.Carbon fiber tube used in the drone field

     The carbon fiber tube is light in weight and high in strength. It can be applied to different body parts of the drone when designing and assembling, such as the arm and the wing skeleton. Compared with aluminum alloy materials, it can increase the weight reduction effect by 30%, which can improve the aircraft. The endurance and increase load capacity. Carbon fiber material itself has high tensile strength, energy absorption, shock resistance, and good corrosion resistance. It also makes the drone's service life longer. Through our research on our customers, we found that most consumer-grade aerial drones and agricultural plant protection drones use carbon fiber tubes as the main structure, which can not only reduce the weight of the drone, increase the endurance, but also increase the drone. Machine life.

3.Carbon fiber tube used in lightweight industrial equipment

     Carbon fiber tube can be used as the carbon fiber roller of the roller body, which can be widely used in printing, paper making, plastic, textile, film, lithium battery pole sheet winding machine and other industries. Although this type of application is relatively simple in structural design, the technical level of the carbon fiber itself is higher. The more precise the machine is, the more strict the roll balance and concentricity requirements are. The technical indicators of the carbon fiber tube will directly affect The stability of the roller's high-speed rotation has an impact on the performance of the entire machine.

    Compared with the shaft products of aluminum alloy, the roller shaft made of high-precision carbon fiber tube has outstanding performance advantages. According to our samples of carbon fiber rollers for customers, the lighter material of carbon fiber rollers can reduce the inertia, make the machine start and stop faster, increase the speed of the rollers, and effectively improve production efficiency and products. Quality, while effectively reducing energy consumption.

4.Carbon fiber tubes are used in heat-sensitive fields

    Compared with metal materials and other materials, carbon fiber composite materials have a coefficient of linear expansion close to zero and good dimensional stability. In thermally sensitive areas, temperature changes will have a certain impact on measurement accuracy and will be more pronounced in high-end aerospace instruments. Therefore, in the field of heat sensitivity, more and more carbon fiber tubes are used. The use of carbon fiber tubes can not only fundamentally reduce the weight of the instrument itself and reduce the cost of use. The performance advantages of carbon fiber materials also help improve the advanced of scientific research equipment. Sex.

     At present, the long-term working temperature range of carbon fiber composite materials is extended.



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