vacuum cup which is made of 999 fine silver and carbon fiber

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Silver has been used to make containers since ancient times. In ancient times, silver was a standard accessory for wealthy families. In addition to its high price, silver is so popular because of its unique advantage. Vacuum cup which is made of fine silver is a relatively high-grade water cup and it was born under this facto. Drinking water in a vacuum cup which is made of fine silver can not only soften the water quality, but also release silver ions for disinfection and sterilization. Drinking water with a vacuum cup which is made of fine silver is much better than that of an ordinary a vacuum cup which is made of fine silver cup.

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LScarbon, which only focuses on high-quality carbon fiber gifts, is inspired by Impressionist master Claude Monet's oil painting to create this vacuum cup with double carbon fiber layer. This  health cup which is made of 999 pure silver adopts the structure of carbon fiber surface and high-quality snowflake pure silver inner tank, and combines with a relatively fine production process. It is resistant to falling and corrosion. The style of silver cup tends to be business type. The cup is simple and atmospheric, and it looks good in texture. The built-in stainless steel teacup can effectively filter the tea. It is also very easy to make tea. It is more suitable for use in study or office. It is a silver cup with high cost performance.


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