Why is carbon fiber printing more expensive than plastic and metal printing

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Let's first understand some conventional printing methods:

1. Thermal transfer printing: carbon fiber surface cannot be printed by thermal transfer printing because there is a layer of plastic grease on the surface and it is not resistant to high temperature.

2. Transfer printing: due to the material characteristics of carbon fiber and the need for special ink formulation for carbon fiber printing, it has been proved in practice that the printing on carbon fiber will cause blurring, and also because the order quantity of carbon fiber products is rarely large such as metal and plastic materials, and transfer printing is not cost-effective even if it can achieve the effect.

3. Laser: Also because carbon fiber has a layer of resin on its surface, the high temperature of laser laser will damage the resin, resulting in poor laser effect, resulting in a particularly high laser scrap rate.

According to the above situation, one is the current status of the industry. Carbon fiber cannot be widely used in China. Few printing factories or equipment factories specialize in developing relevant printing equipment and technologies for carbon fiber. We generally suggest that if customers need to customize logo and choose silk screen printing, silk screen printing technology is not difficult, then why is silk screen printing more expensive than ordinary silk screen printing?


 Due to the particularity of carbon fiber materials, the adhesion of ordinary ink on carbon fiber is relatively poor, and it will fall off with a slight scratch with fingers. Also, the color difference of ordinary quality ink on carbon fiber silk screen printing will be obvious. For example, some white color shows non-pure white color, and high quality ink must be used. lscarbongift has developed an ink formula specially used for carbon fiber silk screen printing after years of experience, which ensures the silk screen printing effect on carbon fiber surface and is not easy to fall off at the same time. This is the main reason why the cost is higher than that of ordinary material silk screen printing.

 At present, the order quantity of carbon fiber products can rarely reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions. For example, for the same website and the same machine, the printing cost and time consumption of silk-screen printing 100 business cards and silk-screen printing 500 business cards are not much different, and the overall cost of spreading the products evenly is relatively high.

 As China now attaches great importance to environmental protection and has high requirements on printing workshops, many printing factories cannot survive, competition is declining year on year, and the same treatment cost for polluted wastewater is also rising sharply. With the gradual increase in labor costs, these have all increased the cost of the current printing industry, thus increasing the cost of our products.

We also hope that through everyone's efforts and cooperation, we can jointly promote the wider application of carbon fiber, further promote the research and development of various supporting industries, and continuously reduce some production costs.


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