3K Twill Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Semi-finished Products

Product Id:LT-004



Packaging:PP bag

Material:3K twill carbon fiber+ PP honeycomb

Custom Logo:YES


Your Design:The goods reach 50 can be customized style

High quality carbon fiber pickleball paddle set

LS Carbon as a professionaL OEM factory of Carbon fiber Pickleball, we will satisfy your customized demand from semi-finished products to finished products with our high-cost performance PP core and higher demand Aramid core, Surface material such as glass fiber, 3K carbon fiber, UD carbon fiber, and drill pattern carbon fiber. Even molded top-level pickleball paddle and beautiful high -definition UV printing.





1. Why choose carbon fiber Pickleball Paddle?

Early Pickleball Paddles were made of wood. They had high requirements on the quality of wood. They must meet the requirements of strength and quality uniformity. They must be peach trees and maple trees with long growth cycles, and they are very bulky. In the early days of carbon fiber, glass fiber was used as a substitute. Now some low-end Paddles still use glass fiber material. Its strength and weight are better than wood, but they are worse than carbon fiber. Now it is also called graphene. In fact, there is a difference between graphene and carbon fiber, but we don't understand it. 

2.Why do people like carbon fiber Pickleball Paddle now? 

It is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

    ① The carbon fiber  Pickleball Paddles has a good handle and will not deform under general stress;

    ② Carbon fiber Paddles are lighter, stronger, and more resistant to corrosion and high temperature;

    ③ Carbon fiber Paddle has good elasticity, comfortable handle, balanced vibration and pleasant sound.

3.How many kinds of carbon fiber (graphene) Paddles are there?

As a professional carbon fiber manufacturer, we are more professional in carbon fiber than sporting goods companies. It can be said that as many kinds of carbon fiber are available, we can make as many kinds of pick rackets as possible. Combined with the two commonly used inner core honeycomb (PP and Aramid fibre), we divide the conventional rackets into the following categories:

    Beginners: PP + glass fiber, PP + UD   High cost performance

    Advanced class: PP + 3k, aramid fibre + UD   Excellent performance

    Professional grade: aramid fibre + 3k, aramid fibre + diamond   Professional material, excellent handle, more stable strength, lighter weight

    Star class:  Aramid fibre + 12K carbon fiber,  Aramid fibre+ Metal wire carbon fiber, all carbon fiber molding  Personalized shape, private exclusive, high standard

It can be customized according to your design requirements, with a variety of honeycomb core and carbon fiber materials, to meet your size, weight, pattern requirements, and it can pass the USAPA standard.


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