Forged Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Product Id:LZ-002B


Weight:Small size 36.5g Middle size 40.5g Big size 47.5g

Packaging:Gift box

Material:Real carbon fiber

Custom Logo:YES


Your Design:YES


1.This shin guard is made of a real carbon fiber front plate. 

2.It is light, tough, and strong. Protect the knee from injury.

3.Designed according to the physiological curvature of the front leg is more conducive to the cooperation with the legs, to achieve stable shock absorption protection.

4.Only internal EVA sponge damping of high quality, applied on the skin is not easy to produce friction damage.

5.Choose a carbon fiber shin guard to protect the lower leg and solve the problem of a leg injury.

forged carbon fiber shin guards (8).jpg

forged carbon fiber shin guards (7).jpg


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