Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Product Id:LZ-002



Packaging:Gift box

Material:3K Or Forged Carbon fiber




1. Made of imported 3K carbon fiber material; has excellent impact resistance and toughness.

2. Human knee structure design to protect key parts;Designed according to the physiological curvature of the front leg is more conducive to the cooperation with the legs, to achieve stable shock absorption protection.

3. High strength: Carbon fiber is the most suitable material for Shin Guards, 5 times harder than steel

4. Lightweight: similar to the weight of ordinary plastic, but much stronger and more durable than it

5. Use a delicate, soft, elastic diving cloth, With shockproof, light, and comfortable, long-term use is not deformed.

6.Only internal EVA sponge damping of high quality, applied on the skin is not easy to produce friction damage.

7.Choose a carbon fiber shin guard to protect the lower leg and solve the problem of a leg injury.

8. More different heights, thick legs, choose M/L/XL,Accept customization

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