Enjoy Black Luxurious Life

LSCarbongift is designed and produced according to the diversified market demands. Carbon fiber products are very suitable for commercial situation and high-end life.

We are always ready to communicate with you about the design scheme and your customized needs can always be met!

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Our Featured Carbon Fiber Products

Based on the market feedback.
We have selected several of the most popular fashion carbon fiber products

Why Choose LS Carbon Fiber Products Factory

We are the first factory in China to provide comprehensive carbon fiber products solutions.

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Professional design and production carbon fiber gifts.


We have the power to design research and development team.


The average pass rate is 99.26% and return rate is 0.035%.

Delivery Guarantee

35% early delivery rate, 62% on-time delivery rate, 3% reasonable delivery time.

After-sales Service

Unconditional service provided by business personnel.

Industry Status

Top three in scale, quality, management and technology.

About Us

Located in Dongguan, China, LS Carbon Gift is a leading supplier of carbon fiber gifts in China. We are committed to bringing carbon fiber to every single person, every family and every industry to experience high-quality carbon fiber life.

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About Us

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How to choose a carbon fiber gift supplier
Do you receive promotional emails from many suppliers? How to find the right service provider for so many carbon fiber gifts in the market? After reading the following reference standards, I hope to help you: ... Learn More
How to Choose the suited Wallet
They say clothes maketh the man, well you gotta pay for the freakin things first, that means pulling out your wallet. when you do, you’re making a statement. Handcrafting the best carbon fiber wallets for men is what we do. We use imported carbon fiber leather of the wallet with loads of character to produce some of the best men’s wallets available.... Learn More
What products can we offer our customers
Lscarbongift can provide customers with various carbon fiber product solutions... Learn More
Can we customize our brand or Logo on your products
Corporate gifts are a smart choice for almost any occasion. Speak with one of our brand consultants today to learn how we can put your logo on unique carbon fiber gifts everyone will love.... Learn More

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