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Located in Dongguan, China, LS Carbon Gift is a leading supplier of carbon fiber gifts in China. We are committed to bringing carbon fiber to every single person, every family and every industry to experience high-quality carbon fiber life.

At present, the company has a workshop with 5000 sqm , covering carbon fiber board, carbon fiber tube, CNC, molding and printing, total 5 processing centers. Company has past ISO9001 certification with more than 10 patent certificates.

With the passion and professionalism with carbon fiber, we aim to enhance the customer brand value so to meet the diverse needs of the market. To provide competitive, practical and innovative products, solutions and services in the areas of daily necessities, accessories and office supplies, and open cooperation with global partners to jointly promote the development of the carbon fiber industry.

Our Service

Whether you are a carbon fiber gift retailer or wholesaler. Or gift companies, brand companies,  you can benefit from our
products and services:

Providing Luxury gifts planning
The OEM  of carbon fiber products
The customization of carbon fiber products
The sales agent of independent brand

Company Develop Step

We are moving on.
The company obtained a number of independent patent certificates andan independent brand center was established.
The customized overall solution of carbon fiber gift was provided for enterprises.
The plant grew tenfold-5000 square meters.
The CNC equipment production line of carbon fiber was introduced and R&D department was established.
The factory passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
The production lines of products by molding were put into production.
The sales was 10 million.
The production line of carbon fiber tube was put into operation.
The production line of carbon fiber panel was expanded.
The production line of carbon fiber panel officially was put into production, which covers 500 square meters.
Several young people were engaged in carbon fiber manufacturing industry because of their love for new materials.

Our Team

Team Profile

We are a professional team: Our members have many years of experience in management, design and sales;

We are a young team: Our average age is only 29, full of vigor and innovation spirit.
We are a dedicated team: We firmly believe that high-end brands come from innovative design, unique raw materials and sound workmanship;

We are a team with dreams: We come from all over the world because of one common dream: Every employee is an entrep reneur, and every employee is an expert in brand building.

Team Profile

Team Culture

Spirit : Help each other, cherish each other.

Idea: Mutual development, mutual benefits.

Visions: To creating Chinese luxury carbon fiber brand.

Team Culture

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