A Letter To Clients and LS Carbongift Story

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    Hi, I am Shijin Gong, the founder of “lscarbongift”, The history of lscarbongift dates back to 2008.

    I saw a CFRP plate for the first time at an ordinary academic meeting. I was surprised that such a black plate was very expensive. I was engaged in research and development of carbon fiber with Begg Wen and BinLuo. 

    In 2009, we recruited a group of partners who enjoy working in the field of carbon fiber. We have our own carbon fiber plate workshop with core technology. We are very grateful to our customer "Hikvision", who is our first major customer. With his support, the company develops rapidly. In 2013, more and more customers like DJI  chose to cooperate with us. We have built a new production line of carbon fiber tubes to meet the development needs of different customers. In 2014, we began producing finished products. We began to provide customers with more exquisite carbon fiber products with a carbon fiber molding production line.

   We adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, quick-thinking, innovation, and breakthrough". We constantly optimize the design, manufacturing of our products, and the company management system to meet the changing needs of our customers. In the next four years, we established our own R & D department, and the factory covers an area of 5000 square meters and 20 CNC machines were introduced. In addition, we have passed ISO9001 certification, which makes us in the leading position in the carbon fiber industry.

    In 2018, we officially renamed the company "Dongguan Lscarbongift Industrial Co., Ltd." Our own brand marketing center was created and it becomes the first carbon fiber gift brand in China. The sales exceeded 50 million in 2018. The development of the company is based on the trust of our customers. Thank you very much for your support and love. In the future, we will work together to promote the application and industry development of carbon fiber.


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