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Why carbon fiber products are so expensive

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1.From the aspect of raw materials:

       The manufacturing process and technology of carbon fiber raw materials are very complex, and it is known as the king of new materials and black gold. At present, it is mainly used in military industry and some high-end manufacturing fields, with short supply. Since it is a good material, its price is not cheap. Moreover, the raw materials used by our company to make good products are always from Japan or Taiwan.


2.In terms of processing technology:

       To turn carbon fiber raw materials into products, it needs to go through many processing procedures, and each process has very high requirements on technology.

1. Some flat products are processed from carbon fiber board, but large-scale molding machines are needed to process carbon fiber board, which have high requirements for workers' laying methods and molding time and pressure skills; the processed carbon fiber board is then directly processed into flat gifts by numerical control.

2. Some products need to use carbon fiber tube. Carbon fiber tube also needs mold and professional rolling machine to master the skills of high-temperature curing furnace. A lot of manpower time may be spent on the subsequent processing of carbon fiber tube rough grinding and painting.


3. We can see that most of the carbon fiber gifts are special-shaped parts. For example, most of the carbon fiber gifts need to be directly molded with a mold, simple ones need one or two, complex ones may need more than one mold.

After the mold is made, a series of processes such as laying of carbon fiber prepreg, curing and forming can be carried out, and finally the finished carbon fiber shaped parts can be produced.

In practical application, some metal connectors are also needed to realize the combination structure between components. During the design, raw material selection, mold quality, construction quality control and other links need to be strictly implemented, any link negligence will affect the final quality of the product.

This is the reason why some manufacturers can only make, plate, pipe fitting or simple plane type gifts, because each process has very high technical requirements. Our company has a complete set of carbon fiber production process, to meet the needs of customers to provide quality assurance.



       High environmental requirements for manufacturing industry

       The dust produced in the process of carbon fiber CNC processing and the dust can not be found in the process of carbon fiber pre soaking, and the storage has higher requirements for temperature and humidity. Including the highest environmental requirements during the post coating process of products, which are basically carried out in a dust-free room. These have high requirements for workshop environment and worker protection. It shows that the construction cost of workshop is much higher than that of general processing workshop.

Lack of automation equipment and low capacity

The production capacity of carbon fiber products is low. At present, due to the particularity of carbon fiber materials, processing technology, etc., there is no fully automatic production equipment, and all processes need to be completed manually, resulting in low output and high production cost.

The cost of production workers increases significantly

The production process of carbon fiber products, from the cutting of carbon fiber cloth to the final delivery of finished products, requires a lot of manpower. With the rising price level of the whole society, the cost of labor and materials in the production cost is also rising, especially these technical types of work.


5.Subsequent matching

        Spraying craft:

     Almost 95% of carbon fiber products need to be painted, and a good surface needs to be polished first to make it smooth and even. Some joints and arc positions need to be manually polished. After grinding, clean the carbon powder particles on the surface and dry them with a dust-free cloth. Put the product in the oven to dry, to ensure that there is no water left. The whole process also needs to be operated in a dust-free environment to prevent foaming and trachoma. At present, our company adopts Taiwan standard painting technology. In the environment of more and more strict environmental requirements, the cost of painting is increasing.

    Screen printing:

Most of the carbon fiber products are needed to be printed with patterns. The common method is silk screen printing. However, ordinary ink can't have adhesion on the carbon fiber surface, which is easy to fall off. It needs more advanced ink and special formula ratio. The cost of carbon fiber products is higher than that of common silk screen printing.



Generally speaking, carbon fiber products can't be laser-generated, because the first requirement for carbon fiber materials and surface itself is relatively high, and the second requirement for laser carving machine is relatively high. Ordinary laser carving equipment can't be laser-generated at all, and the scrap rate is very high, so we generally don't recommend that customers laser customized logo on carbon fiber gifts.

To sum up: the price of carbon fiber gift is closely related to the price of raw materials, technological level and product quantity. But in the long run, the superior performance of carbon fiber will prolong the service life of the product, reduce the maintenance times, and reduce the use cost.


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