How to reduce the application cost of carbon fiber products?

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Are carbon fiber products expensive? There is no doubt that carbon fiber products are more expensive than traditional metal materials in terms of production cost. In the long run, the products made of carbon fiber composite can improve the overall performance of the application object, so that the energy consumption can be reduced and the efficiency can be improved at the same time. Lscarbon according to their own production experience to give you a few ways to reduce the application cost of carbon fiber products.

     Optimize the design of carbon fiber products and choose the best layout. There are many advantages to the performance of fiber composite, but it is not necessarily just needed in the production of products. "Good steel is used on the blade" when designing, we need to determine where to apply carbon fiber to give full play to its special role.


For example, in the application of carbon fiber products in radiation medical devices, what is needed is good X-ray transmission of carbon fiber. So in the relevant design, we only need to use carbon fiber composite materials in the areas where patients need to receive X-ray irradiation, and other parts can be used as appropriate.  In some carbon fiber structural members that need to bear the load, we should consider the thickness and direction of the layer when designing, so as to ensure that the stress can reach the best state.

Quantify production and reduce the average cost. The production of carbon fiber products is inseparable from the mold curing, a large part of the cost is actually in the mold, if the mold structure or model size is too large, it will easily cost tens of thousands of yuan. If you only make one sample or several carbon fiber products, do you think the cost is high? So lscarbon's suggestion is to quantify production so that the cost of the mold is allocated to each carbon fiber finished product, and the average price is reduced.

Improve product quality and select good suppliers. There are many kinds of carbon fiber composites of different models. The more carbon fiber content, the higher the price, the stronger the performance of carbon fiber precursors, and the more expensive the price. For example, the price per kilogram of high-end thermoplastic resins such as PEEK and polyimide is dozens of times higher than that of common epoxy resins, which is also the main reason for the great difference in the price of finished products.

However, the use of carbon fiber composite materials with better performance often has a direct impact on the life of products and the service performance of application objects. Although the price is high, the service life and experience are also improved. According to the life cycle, the cost price is actually down. Of course, good suppliers will recommend appropriate carbon fiber composite materials according to the technical requirements of customers, so that customers can choose the right products, but also effectively save costs.


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