Why do we use imported carbon fiber materials?

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Recently, many customers asked me what is the difference between imported carbon fiber and domestic made carbon fiber cloth? The imported carbon fiber materials are so expensive. Here I would like to sum up a few points

  1. From the industry point of view: at present, China lags behind Japan and European and American countries in the editing technology of carbon fiber and carbon fiber cloth. For example, Japan Toray already has t1200, t1500, and even m-grade carbon wires, while China has only T900 and T1000 grades. In short, when the United States came out of iphone11, China only had iphone7. This is also the main reason why carbon fiber products are more expensive.

  2. From the perspective of the weaving capacity of the carbon fiber cloth, the domestic weaving level and weaving machinery are far behind Japan, Europe, and the United States and other countries; from the source, the domestic carbon fiber raw materials are worse than the imported ones.

  3. What is the difference between domestic carbon fiber?

      ①Domestic carbon fiber is mainly poor in strength and stability, especially for industrial carbon fiber, such as some equipment and sporting goods, the strength of the product must meet the relevant standards, and more importantly, the stability.

      ②Carbon fiber for appearance parts and accessories, domestic carbon fiber stability deviation, for example, each batch of product lines may be different, and even some of the lines are irregular, the surface is not smooth enough, which greatly affects the appearance and use the effect of products.

There are some other performance parameters, such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on, which will have a certain gap.

This is why we always choose to import carbon fiber raw materials, to ensure that high-quality products to each customer.

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